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12:35pm 24/06/2004

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10:50pm 13/06/2004
mood: confused
It appeers i have fucked up again.
I have 3 people who send me an endless stream of very sweet messages, and all i want is the one bloke who doesn't evern know i exist.
Bloody typical.

It's not that i dislike the three, they're lovley (well, except for the sk8er boi who i'm only keeping on because he amuses me). but none of them are anywhere near the other one.

If i didn't know better, i'd say i was a bloody raving idiot.

On the upside, he really is the last person in the world anyone would guess (well, maybe not *the* last... but quite a substantial way down the list) i think out of everyone i speak to on a regular basis, only one person knows (and she knows who she is, and she knows if she tells a living soul i'll beat her senseless) but there are 2 i suspect have got at least an inkleing.

Bear in mind we have hundreds of mutual friends...


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04:02am 30/05/2004

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08:35pm 29/05/2004
  for god`s sake we can`t even have a proper fetish post!
large nostril fulls of damp newspaper inhaled over a sweeting shetland pony,whilst making mayonnaise,now thats a fetish!

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04:08pm 05/05/2004
mood: accomplished
well, things went well. well-ish anyway. therapy lady isn't annoying. Gotta go back next week. meh.
got home and Granneh decided she wanted to go out fer lunch so we went to the derwent. New barwoman is crap. she asked how long i'd lived in Bamford and seemed surprised when i said "well, nearly 20 years now" (i.e. all my life) and she looked surprised and said she;d never seen me around before, then infomed me she'd been here all of 3 months. damn n00b. Sam was having a good giggle at all this...
So granneh and meself sat down and had lunch, then walked back up home. saw Mary (one of granneh's badass posse) who was veddy impressed with the blue hair. saw big dave walking up the village with a posh camera that he'd nicked from his poor mother. he was taking sascha (his hound) up round t'dams and wanted to take pics. oddass.
Was talking to Rosy last night... we're getting the impression that Joy (woman next door) is growing summat in her garden which may not be totally legal... hmmm...

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11:13pm 28/04/2004

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11:09pm 28/04/2004

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11:09pm 28/04/2004
  bad heart. Sit. Stay. Gooooooooood.  

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11:09pm 28/04/2004

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11:09pm 28/04/2004
  ... peroxide of course!  

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11:08pm 28/04/2004
  Quomodo cogis comas tuas sic videri?  

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10:04pm 28/04/2004
  Is it wrong that i'm still waiting?
For a Guy with Nice feet and a squishy nose.
And it's all going horribly right.

I'm going out to somewhere i shouldn't be going
I'm chasing a silly dream
And He's so pretty i don't care.

Tripping over my own feet
Wondering if i should go all the way back
to the stairs where i left that heart of mine

Like socks in German hotel rooms
But slightly more irreplaceable.

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10:05pm 18/04/2004
  The Greek invented the vowel in about 800 BC.

Until then all alphabets contained only consonants.

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10:04pm 18/04/2004
  Until the BBC adopted the word [roundabout], British roundabouts were called 'gyratory circuses'.  

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10:01pm 18/04/2004
  In the 70s Pepsi Cola had a slogan that went "Come alive with a Pepsi"

This caused no end of trouble in Japan, where it translates rather unfortunately as "Pepsi will raise your ancestors from the grave".

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01:22pm 11/04/2004
  Jilly: i am going to give eddie some gum from america with a punk rock duck on it
need presents for the rest of them!

Me: give the gemini a bale od hay so he can thatch himself!

Jilly: what!?
maybe its lack of sleep but what the hell do you mean

Me: i want to thatch the gemini! like a cottage!

Jilly: MUST SLEEP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jilly: blame maja she couldn't eb diswaded
we're going by megabus it cost like 3 quid

that sounds like SO much fun!
prolly isn't - but what a fantastic name for anything!
Take the Megabus! Thatch the Gemini! Swash the Valo buckle!

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01:17pm 11/04/2004
  ND UK TOUR - MAY 2004:

5 London Garage (supporting US band BEULAH)

8 Middlesbrough Empire

19 London Islington Academy

20 Nottingham Rock City

21 Leeds Josephs Well

22 Lichfield Garrick

24 Birmingham Bar Academy

25 Liverpool University

26 Sheffield Casbah

31 Northampton Soundhaus

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12:54pm 11/04/2004
  i..... poked a badger with a spoon?


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12:53pm 11/04/2004
  Come and shake your arse and tambourine!

what. the. FUCK?!

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12:53pm 11/04/2004
  A whole hour untill scrapheap challenge?!

i'm not gonna make it

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