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It appeers i have fucked up again.
I have 3 people who send me an endless stream of very sweet messages, and all i want is the one bloke who doesn't evern know i exist.
Bloody typical.

It's not that i dislike the three, they're lovley (well, except for the sk8er boi who i'm only keeping on because he amuses me). but none of them are anywhere near the other one.

If i didn't know better, i'd say i was a bloody raving idiot.

On the upside, he really is the last person in the world anyone would guess (well, maybe not *the* last... but quite a substantial way down the list) i think out of everyone i speak to on a regular basis, only one person knows (and she knows who she is, and she knows if she tells a living soul i'll beat her senseless) but there are 2 i suspect have got at least an inkleing.

Bear in mind we have hundreds of mutual friends...

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